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‘The Songwriter’s Guide To Taking The Next Steps’, was written by John Mathis to help aspiring songwriters answer the question, “I write songs, now what?”. Drawing from his experience and observations as a songwriter and music industry professional, John has observed that most songwriters believe “It’s all about the song”. Most non-songwriters in the music industry are mentally conditioned to see BRANDS.

Half the battle of doing something with your songs, is doing something with you. Building your brand! The other half of the battle is realizing you don’t have to pursue the traditional methods for placing songs.

The Songwriter’s Guide To Taking The Next Steps is available in ebook and paperback forms.

Chapters Listing:

1 The Reality Of A Songwriting Career
2 The Purpose Of This Book
3 Assessing Where You Are
4 Co-writing Is More Than Just Co-writing
5 To Demo Or Not To Demo
6 Before They Press Play
7 Network And Build Relationships
8 Avoid The Turn-Offs
9 It’s A Numbers Game
10 Performance Rights Organizations
11 Do I Need A Publisher?
12 Do I Need To Copyright My Songs?
13 Song Outlets – Get Out Of The Box!
14 Build Your Online Presence
15 The Little Things
16 Templates

The last chapter is a bonus chapter containing helpful contract templates for songwriters.

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FREE Templates for download:

Single Song Publishing Agreement Template

Assignment of Copyright Template

Mechanical License Template

Music Sync Licenses Template

*** Legal Disclaimer: Templates are provided as a contract example for songwriters and are not an endorsement of legal representation.