The Songwriter

Every songwriter dreams of getting the chance to write with some great songwriters over the years with credits such as Dove Award Nominations, GRAMMY Winners, BMI & ASCAP Awards and top charting Gospel, Bluegrass and Country songs.

John has had the privilege to collaborate with these kinds of notable songwriters over the years. Writers like Rebecca Peck, John Lemonis, Toni Jolene Clay, Gerald Crabb, Dianne Wilkinson, John Darin Rowsey, Daryl Williams, Jim Davis, Becky Hobbs, GRAMMY Winner Brad Davis, Marty Funderburk, Tonja RosePaula Breedlove, Mark Narmore and many others.

John’s songs have appeared on albums across several genres, including the Spanish language market, and has had chart success on multiple national charts, iTunes charting albums, Billboard charting albums and the nation’s largest Christian Music publication, The Singing News.

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Here are some of the artists who have recorded his music:

The Florida Boys, GRAMMY Winner Brad Davis, The Collingsworth Family, The Crist Family, The Wilburns, The Pfeifers, The Inspirations, Jay Stone Singers, Tonja Rose, Benjy Gaither, The Griffith Family, Steve Hess & Southern Salvation, Sherry Anne, The Anchormen, Providence Quartet, The Galloways, Sacred Harmony, Vertical Praise, Sunshine’s Quartet, Ava Kasich, John Lemonis, Gene Reasoner, The Hobsons, Baileigh Allen, Glorybound Quartet, The McNeills, Toni Jolene Clay, Vicky Daniel, Tammy Larson, The Yates Family, Southern Harmony, Melody Shelton, Capstone Quartet, Riverdale Assembly, Baker/Pasma Families, Cross Reference, Bethany United Reform, Garment of Praise, Southern Harmony, The Hall Family, Northmen, Canada’s Double Portion, Kevin Mabry, Cerrito, Marc Ivey w/Master’s Inn, The Walkers, Theo Mason, Tiffany Sweeley. The Jones, Stephanie Lee “Lady Redneck”, Lori Smith, Circle Of Friends, Heart 2 Heart, The Forgiven Quartet, Elizabeth Vera, Kade Rogers , Matthew Morales and others …

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