Behind The Song: “What The Sparrow Knows”

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The inspiration for this Southern Gospel ballad came when John was visiting with a family at the hospital who had been given the news that the doctors had done everything they could for their mother and she was soon to pass. The family waited in the hospital room with the mother until the time of her passing. It was a moment of great sadness and grief. In that small hospital room, it seemed as if nothing else existed in the world except this moment of death.

John decided to step outside and give the family some time as they consoled each other in their moment of loss. As he stepped outside and sat on a park bench, it was an odd transition from a dimly lit room filled with great mourning to a bright sunny day, where the world was still turning and the birds in the trees were still singing.

It spurred the thought of Matthew 6:26  …. those sparrows must know something we often fail to see. The assurance that God is always in control and cares for us, even in our darkest moments. With that thought in mind, a song was soon to be born.

The next writing session between John and songwriter Daryl Williams, the song “What The Sparrow Knows” was written.

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What The Sparrow Knows

(1st Verse)
My faith has been tried til my strength was all gone
And I’ve stopped to wonder if I could go on
I’ve watched my dreams struggle for their last breath of life
I know how it feels to have no hope inside

(Chorus 1)
Somehow the sparrow keeps singing,
Reminding me God’s in control
In my lowest valley the cold winds may blow
Lord help me to see
What the sweet sparrow knows

(2nd Verse)
The breeze that I felt chilling my bones
Has sent me the fragrance of sweet Sharon’s rose
The clouds have covered the sun from my skies
But there’s still a reason when I don’t know why

(Repeat Chorus)

The sparrow doesn’t worry what tomorrow may bring
Cause God promised to provide everything that he needs

(Last Chorus)
That’s why the sparrow keeps singing,
Cause he knows that God’s in control
In my lowest valley the cold winds may blow
Lord help me to see
What the sweet sparrow knows

(Daryl Williams, John Mathis Jr.)