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Mansion Entertainment partnered with Award Winning Artist Sherry Anne, and released Sherry Anne LIVE, a live performance DVD, produced by Dr. Steve Allen and Brian Ledford. The evening of music and testimony was recorded in April at River of Life Church, in Smyrna, TN and was released October 19th, 2018 to a Top 5 Debut on the Billboard Music Video sales chart. You can read full details of the release here: Sherry Anne and Mansion Entertainment Release LIVE DVD

One of the songs on the new DVD release is a song written by John Mathis Jr and Toni Jolene Clay, “Where Would I Be”. The birth of the song came about around 2,000 while John was the Director of Publishing for Homeland Entertainment. He was tasked with writing a song that would fit the cover concept of a new album for an artist was scheduled to record. He reached out to Toni to complete the writing process and together, they wrote the song. As what happens often in the planning of albums, the concept of the new project was changed. However, the song still made the recording as an album cut.

Fast forward to over a decade later when Sherry Anne was searching for songs for her Gordon Mote produced ‘Keep On Prayin’ album, one of the songs she received in a pitch from Angie Summar Mathis at Avid Group Publishing was “Where Would I Be”. Sherry Anne recorded it on the album.

Sherry Anne recently weighed in on what the song has meant for her ministry and to her personally and why she included it on her new Sherry Anne LIVE DVD, Where would I be without your mercy… where would I be if not for grace….

These are my favorite lines to sing in this song followed by the next two: though I am unworthy, you didn’t leave me in my sinful state

A beauty pageant winner, an athlete, a doctor by the age of 24 – an overachiever to say the least – and yet, I wanted to end it all by the age of 25.

Why? How could that happen?

Because my world was all about me and what I could do. I thought all of my accomplishments were what mattered most in life until my world came crashing down. A failed relationship taught me I was masking hidden pain of being different – born hearing and speech impaired while navigating a troubled home life. I thought I could just push my way through life and get to the top. But it never ended… I never reached “the top” because when I got to one level, it wasn’t good enough, I had to get the next, and then next after that…. driving myself straight into a nervous breakdown. It was in that critical moment that I asked God what the point to this miserable life was? What even mattered anymore? I wanted out.

Yet, in that critical hour I heard a powerful sentence: “I died for you, so you could live for me.”

That was life-changing.

There I was, a sinner. Imperfect. And yet God, by His great love and mercy, extended His perfect grace to me and demonstrated His love for me by paying the price for my sins with his own shed blood on the cross. He didn’t leave me in my wretched prideful state. He reached down and pardoned me.


This message never ceases to touch the hearts of audiences (many with tears streaming down their faces) everywhere I have the privilege to share it. I am a songwriter, but I did not write this song. Yet, Toni Jolene Clay and John Mathis, Jr have written my life story in this powerful, brilliant 5 minute song.

Now I stand amazed, and all I can say… is where would I be…”

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