Radio Interview on Country Kix96 FM

Radio host Sheila Vest at Country Kix96 FM radio in Centerville, TN recently caught up with John Mathis Jr for a Friday afternoon drive-time interview on his father’s music. What sparked the invitation was Sheila viewing a video on social media using a Country Johnny Mathis song from the late 1960’s.

The song, “It Is Love”, was originally released in 1968 during a time of protests across the United States that involved the Vietnam Was, Civil Rights and other social issues. Country Johnny Mathis had written the song in response to current social climate, and Sheila felt the message is still relevant today.

Watch the video from Country Johnny Mathis’ fan page on Facebook:

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Sheila and talked with John Jr. about the story behind this song, his father’s career in Country Music, what it was like growing up the son of a songwriter and artist, and some of the more recent happenings with Johnny’s music. They also covered some of current happenings in John’s career in regard to his own songs and the music industry involvement.

Thanks Sheila and Kix96 FM!