New Worship Song Release – “Bring It All”

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November 7th was the release of the new invitation worship song, “Bring It All”. The song is already finding its way onto radio and Spotify playlists as well as being embraced by worship leaders and added to their worship set list.

The song was written by John Mathis Jr, who is also the worship director at Esperanza Church, a bilingual church near Spring Hill, TN. He commented on the where the idea for the song came from, “Of course songwriters get a lot of their ideas from sermons and that’s where this song came from. We had a guest speaker from Venezuela one Sunday at church and he was speaking on the fact that IF we really knew who Jesus is, we wouldn’t hesitate to bring everything to Him … EVERYTHING! It was a great sermon of invitation to bring it all to Jesus and it led into the thought for an invitational worship song, Bring It All. You really can bring everything to Jesus!”

“Bring It All” is available on all streaming outlets and to worship leaders and church worship through CCLI. The release is by Spring Hill Worship, a collaborative artist group, and features the vocal of Tim Fugatt. Tim is the Worship Arts Pastor at The Church at the Bayou in Irvington, Alabama. Tim also lent his production and musicianship talents in producing the “Bring It All” track.

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“Bring It All” – Official Lyric Video

Bring It All 
A boy brought two fish, And five loaves of bread
A father brought news, His son was near death
They brought it all to Jesus, Both great and small
Yes they brought the lame, They brought the blind
They brought Him the sick, In body and mind
Then they brought a cross and a tomb, And He changed it all!
Bring all of your pain, Bring all of your troubles
Come as you are, Bring all of your struggles
Jesus is waiting for you, To answer His call
Bring all of your fears, Bring all of your sins
Bring all of the doubts, That you hold within
Jesus is waiting for you, Bring it all
Bring it all, Bring it all
Bring all of the wrongs, That have been done to you
And bring all of the wrongs, That you have done too
Bring them all to the One, With power to change
Bring all of your debts, Bring all that you owe
Bring all of the heartaches, That you’ve ever known
Bring it all to the One, The One who can save!
Repeat Chorus
Oh bring it all, He’s standing with open arms
Bring it all, Ohhhh
Repeat Chorus
Come to Jesus
Bring it all
Oh bring it all
CCLI Song Number: 7121064
Writer: John Mathis Jr.
Publisher: Avid Group Publishing/BMI
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