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Avid Group Publishing has a catalog of copyrights that includes songs recorded by such Country Legends as Johnny Paycheck, Charley Pride and Carl Smith; Americana artists such as Jim Lauderdale; Legendary Gospel artists such as The Florida Boys and GRAMMY Winner Brad Davis (‘A Bluegrass Tribute To George Jones’ and ‘I Need Music’). The catalog contains over 100 copyright of 2-time BMI Award recipient Country Johnny Mathis, and the many of the copyrights of Dove nominated songwriter John Mathis Jr.

Avid Group Publishing continues to place copyrights across multiple genres of music such as Gospel, Bluegrass and Country with sync licenses in TV (CBS’ Young Sheldon) & Film, documentaries and commercials (Michelob ULTRA ’19th Hole’ commercial).

Admin and Sync Representation by Koze Music

(Avid Group Publishing/BMI   John Mathis Music/ASCAP)

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Recent Copyright Placement Highlights for Avid Group Publishing/BMI:

  • Music City Records reissues ‘Country Charley Pride’ and ‘Pride of Country Music’ by Charley Pride containing “You Can Tell The World” and “If You Should Come Back Today” (Writer: ‘Country’ Johnny Mathis / Avid Group Publishing/BMI)
  • “My Heart Is On The Paper” by ‘Country’ Johnny Mathis in the documentary ‘Rolling Papers’ (Avid Group Publishing/BMI)
  • “Make Me On More Memory” by Brad Davis released on ‘A Bluegrass Tribute To George Jones’ (Writer: ‘Country’ Johnny Mathis / Avid Group Publishing/BMI)
  • Jim Lauderdale covers “I Want You To Know” (Country Johnny Mathis – Avid Group Publishing) on the Touch My Heart – Tribute To Johnny Paycheck album.
  • “Black Sheep” by Brad Davis charted on The Singing News Bluegrass Gospel Top 10 Chart.  (Writer: ‘Country’ Johnny Mathis / Avid Group Publishing/BMI)
  • Brad Davis’ ‘I Need Music’ (Bluegrass Version) album contained 5 co-writes with John Mathis Jr. (Avid Group Publishing/BMI). (2017)
  • ‘Music In My Heart’ released July 7th, 2017 by Charley Pride. The album contains two Country Johnny Mathis (Avid Group Publishing/BMI) songs, “Make Me One More Memory” and the title cut “Music In My Heart”.
  • Singing News Bluegrass Gospel Top 10 chart song, “When The Mountain Can’t Be Moved” – Tonja Rose
  • “God Still Delivers” (Marty Funderburk, John Mathis Jr, – Christian Taylor Music/BMI, Avid Group Publishing/BMI) on the ‘Mercy & Love’ album by The Collingsworth Family release Sept, 2018. (Top 20 iTunes charting album) *’Mercy & Love’ received a 2019 Dove Award Nomination and the Singing News 2019 Fan Award for Album of The Year.
  • “Where Would I Be” (Toni Jolene Clay, John Mathis Jr. – Yours For A Song/BMI, Avid Group Publishing/BMI) released on the Sherry Anne LIVE! DVD scores a Top 5 on the Billboard Music Video sales chart November 2018.
  • New worship song releases in November 2018 and January 2019, “Bring It All” and “Forever You Are God”.
  • New worship song release September 2019, “You’re Still Father”.
  • New Spanish language release October 28, 2019, “Menos de Mi, Mas de Ti”, by Elizabeth Vera.
  • New radio release by The Ark Encounter’s resident artist, Steve Hess & Southern Salvation, “Three Beating Hearts” (ministry song for Ark Encounter).
  • Diamond Award – Gospel Music Today Video of The Year: “When The Mountain Can’t Be Moved” – Tonja Rose
  • ‘Country’ Johnny Mathis song, “I Don’t Know When That Will Be” licensed and placed in the movie, ‘The Shed’. Released Nov 15, 2019.
  • ‘Country’ Johnny Mathis song, “My Heart Is On The Paper” licensed and placed in Season 3, EP 10 of ‘Young Sheldon’ on CBS. (Airdate: 12/12/2019)
  • “Three Beating Hearts” – Steve Hess and Southern Salvation and “Turkey Buzzard” – East Ridge Boys hit multiple Christian Music charts in the fall of 2019 and spring of 2020.
  • ‘Country’ Johnny Mathis song placed in Monsterland series on Hulu, episode 101. “All I Need Is You”. (Airdate to be announced in 2020)
  • Songs Released in 2021: “Vamos A La Casa Del Señor” – Denis Castillo, “Amazing Grace, Amazing Day” – Tonja Rose, “Just Another Storm” – Caleb Howard feat. Tonja Rose, “Not One Word – The Collingsworth Family, “The Biggest Things” – Tonja Rose, “Six Days” – Steve Hess and Southern Salvation, The Walkers – “You Are Still Father”
  • Songs recorded by Sherry Anne on STAND project (Top 50 Christian Album sales Oct, 2021): “You Can’t Take It With You”, “It Is God”, “Stand Up For My King”.
  • Christmas Release 2021: “Christmas More Than Ever” – The Steeles
  • Radio single release January 2021: Caleb Howard – “Always Something” (Top 10 Christian Country)
  • “Not One Word – The Collingsworth Family (Top 10 Christian Radio (Southern Gospel) (2022)
  • Two film placements of Country Johnny Mathis songs (‘Stay Awake’ film and ‘Little Brother’ film) (2022)
  • “Just Do The Best You Can” (Country Johnny Mathis) licensed for use in the Michelob ULTRA ’19th Hole’ commercial (ESPN, The Golf Channel, TBS and other networks)(2022)
  • Lillenas Music and Prism Music release chorale arrangements and tracks/stems for “Not One Word”
  • 53rd Annual Dove Award Nomination for “Not One Word” by The Collingsworth Family (‘Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year’ and ‘Southern Gospel Recorded Album of the Year’)(2022)
  • The King James Boys – “Walk On Faith” (Bluegrass Today Gospel Chart – Top 5)(2023)
  • “Be The Reason” – The Steeles  (2023)
  • “It Is Love, “Hello Kiss” and “My Heart Is On The Paper” (Country Johnny Mathis) sync license for the Canadian film, ‘LA Switch’ (2023)

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